Officers & committees

ATTW Officers--Executive Committee

  • President: Michele Simmons
  • Vice President: Michelle Eble
  • Secretary: Brenda Sims
  • Treasurer: Ann Blakeslee
  • Immediate Past President: Bill Hart-Davidson
  • Past President: Kelli Cargile-Cook
  • TCQ Editor: Donna Kain
  • ATTW Book Series Editor: Jo Mackiewicz
  • Web Editor: Bradley Dilger
  • Conference Coordinator: Michelle Eble
  • Membership Chair (ex-officio): 
  • Member at Large: Stuart Blythe
  • Member at Large: Lisa Meloncon
  • Member at Large: Michael Salvo

ATTW Committees, Editors, and Liaisons

Book Series

Editor: Jo Mackiewicz


Editor: Paul R. Sawyer
Associate Editor: Dianna Laurent
Members: Deborah Balzhiser, Michael J. K. Bokor, Darren Elzie, Lyn F. Gattis, Morgan Gresham, Jeffrey Rice


Temporarily suspended.


Members: Lora Arduser, Donna Kain, Kelli Cargile Cook, Marj Rush Hovde,  Scott Mogull, Susan Popham, Michael Faris, Carie Lambert


Chair: Paul Dombrowski
Members: Richard Johnson-Sheehan, Keith Gibson, Martine Courant Rife, Susan Youngblood, Marianne Cotungo, Cat Shuler, 


ATTW's international Committee has transformed to become part of a joint International Task Force with CPTSC. Current tasks include preparing for the International Roundtable at IEEE's International Professional Communication Conference (IPCC) in Limerick, Ireland, July 13-15, 2015. All interested parties please feel free to participate. Please contact Ty Herrington with questions or comments at



Research and Research Grants

Chair: Cheryl Geisler
Members: Bill Hart-Davidson, Claire Lauer, Becky Rickly, Heather Shearer, Krista Kennedy, Sharon James McGee, Erin Friess, Dawn M. Armfield, Robert Schafer, Roxane Gay 

Committee Reports


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