D1. Making sense of “our place” in the technical and business writing classroom: intersections of gender and professional writing pedagogy

Room: Skybox 206

  • Kate White, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
  • Suzanne Rumsey (chair of panel), Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
  • Stevens Amidon, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne

D2. Career Workshop

Room: Skybox 207

  • Lisa Meloncon, University of Cincinnati

D3. Programmatic Issues

Room: Skybox 208

  • Anita Ford, Missouri Western State University, “Does current technical communication curriculum prepare graduates for the real needs of the job market?”
  • Jennifer L. Bay and Patricia Sullivan, Purdue University "Teaching Writing through Internships Outside of the Professional Writing Major"
  • Kelli Cargile Cook, Texas Tech University, “Practicing What We Teach: Team Teaching in the Technical Communication Classroom”

D4. Health and Risk

Room: Skybox 209

  • Christa B. Teston University of Idaho, and S. Scott Graham University, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “Technical Assessment: Evidence and Endpoints in Clinical Trials”
  • Huiling Ding and Elizabeth Pitts, North Carolina State University, "Human rights and Singapore’s quarantine rhetoric in emergency health risks"
  • Diana L. Awad Scrocco, Carnegie Mellon University, “The Role of Conversation in Novice Physicians’ Professional Rhetorical Development”

D5. Breakin’ the “Rules” of Document Design: Toward a Rhetorical Pedagogy

Room: Skybox 210

  • Sarah Hallenbeck, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, "Teaching Disruptive Design: The Riot Grrrls Design Third-Wave Feminism" 
  • Diana Ashe, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, "From Neither Screen nor Print: Zen and the Art of Document Design"
  • Michael Little, King's College, “Teaching Design From a Whole-Document Perspective: Wayfinding as Metaphor and Ethic"

D6. Pedagogies

Room: Skybox 211

  • Sarah Gunning, Texas Tech University, “Proposal writing pedagogy beyond the RFP: Incorporating research methods, personnel strategies, and project management skills into social writing”
  • Susan A. Youngblood and Jo Mackiewicz, Auburn University, “Using Nonprofit Data to Reconsider Genres in TC Courses: Insights from the SLOT-C Database”
  • Tiffany Bourelle, University of New Mexico, "Dispelling the Myths of Service eLearning: Experiential Learning and the Online Technical Communication Classroom"
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