Poster Session II

Grand Ballroom H

“Grammar Myths in Technical Editing: Confirmed, Plausible, or Busted?”
Keith A. Grant-Davie, Utah State University

“Textual Analysis of Student IMRaD Research Reports in Technical and Professional Writing”
Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, University of Minnesota

“Do you believe in life after email?”
Maria Lombard, Northwestern University in Qatar, and Mark Sidey, Arizona State University 

“Lessons Not Learned: Reader Perspectives of Accident Reports”
Kristi Dunks, Texas Tech University
“Writing Process:  A Three-Dimensional Model for an Applied Writing Class”
Barbara J. D’Angelo and Barry M. Maid, Arizona State University

“A Crash Course in Cultural and Pedagogical Negotiation: Lessons from an International ESL Writing and Technical Editing Collaboration”
ATTW Teaching Committee: Alexis Hart, Virginia Military Institute; Guiseppe Ghetto, SUNY Cortland; Stuart Selber, Penn State University; and Steve Benninghoff, Eastern Michigan University

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