Concurrent Session A 9:00-10:15 am

A.1 Data Visualization: Approaches to Humanizing Data

Room: Indiana F
Chair: Dr. Tracy Bridgeford, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Visualizing Big Data in Interactive Displays: The Re-emergence of Emotional Appeals in Data Design
Charles Kostelnick, Iowa State University
Tweeting, Pulsing, Mapping Tragedy: Examining Data Visualizations of Crises through Burkean Rhetoric
Lisa Litterio, Bridgewater State University
Humanizing Data: Lessons from the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report
Jennifer Veltsos, Minnesota State University at Mankato
Data Flatlands: The Rhetorical Crises of Data Aggregation and Oversimplification in Statistical Representation
Anirban Ray, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

A.2 Literacies for the Technical Communication Classroom

Room: Indiana A
Chair: Majorie Rush Hovde, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
Visualizing Data: From Generating Ideas to Developing Ethical Arguments through Images
Sue Hum, University of Texas at San Antonio
Interrogating Intersections: From Numeracy to Literacy through Rhetorical Instruction
Crystal Colombini, University of Texas at San Antonio
Teaching Students to Think Critically about Technical Communication Software
Majorie Rush Hovde, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

A.3 A Series of Odd Things That Happened While Programming Databases

Room: Indiana B
Chair: Nathan Johnson, Purdue University
Data and Cliques: Recipes as Rrepresentative, Instructive Practice
Amelia Chesley, Purdue University
Of Databases and Administrators: Starting a Pedagogical Database in a Composition Program
Jeffrey Gerding, Purdue University
Databasing Community Literacy Programs: Dilemmas and Decisions
Talisha Haltiwanger, Purdue University
Feminist Infrastructures
Christine Masters Jach, Purdue University
Teacher Collaboration Through Databasing: A Digital Texts Resource
Jennifer Justice, Purdue University
Databasing Visual Rhetoric Resources for Composition Instructors: Deciding on the Categories and Standards
Heejung Kwon, Purdue University
Infrastructures of Play
Patrick Love, Purdue University
A Matter of Fitness: The Standard Discontents of Physique Transformation
Nicholas Marino, Purdue University

A.4 Data in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research

Room: Indiana C
Chair: Tim Giles, Georgia Southern University
Talking Across Disciplines: Challenges for Conducting Interdisciplinary Interviews
Jessica Heffner, Kent State University
Finding Out What We Need to Find Out: Challenges for Beginning a Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Project
Chris McCracken, Kent State University
Finding Out What We Needed to Find Out: Challenges for, and the Value of, Collaborative Research Writing
Derek Van Ittersum, Kent State University
Transcribe, Code, Check, Repeat: Challenges for Coding Interdisciplinary Interview Data
Pamela Takayoshi, Kent State University

A.5 Inventing the Future of Electronic (Text) Books for Students, Teachers, Authors, and Publishers

Room: Indiana G
Chair: David Blakesley, Clemson University
Electronic Textbooks and Mobile Delivery Platforms: Student Experiences with the Third EDUCAUSE/Internet2 E-Content Pilot
Jan Rune Holmevik, Clemson University
Architectonic Shifts: E-Texts and Emerging Writing Practices
Justin Hodgson, Indiana University at Bloomington
Augmented (Reality) Books and Their Implications for Technical Communication
David Blakesley, Clemson University

A.6 Data in Big (and Small) Science

Room: Indiana D
Chair: Huiling Ding, North Carolina State University
Access, Protocols, and DIY: Lessons from the Open Data Movement in Science
Michelle Sidler, Auburn University
Atoms and Mis-Use: Speculations on Consequences of Numerical Data
Robert R. Johnson, Michigan Technological University
Silent Dissent: The Effect of Structural Secrecy on Professional Communication at NASA
Charlotte Hyde, Purdue University
Eclipsed by Data: How Weather Communication Calls for Both Experts and Non-Experts to Play
Ian Weaver, Texas Tech University
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