Concurrent Session B 11:00 am – 12:15 pm

B.1 Big Data Analysis of a Writing Open Online Course (WOOC)

Room: Indiana A
Chair: Carroll Ferguson Nardone, Sam Houston State University
Rethinking Writing Instruction: Designing an Open OnlineCourse for General and Disciplinary Writing Support
Ryan Hoover, St. Edwards University
Curating Pedagogy with Big Data: Learning to Work with Data and Not Hide from It
Moriah McCracken, St. Edwards University
The Rise of a New CMS: The Pedagogical Applications of Just-in-time Learning and Custom Learning Environments
Cousett Ruelas, St. Edwards University

B.2 Small Data Pedagogies

Room: Indiana F
Chair: Tammy Joann Rice-Bailey, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Defining Scope: Rigorous Research Design Strategies for Data-Driven Digital Research
Colleen A. Reilly, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Pedagogical Strategies for Local Data Mapping
Jeremy Tirrell, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Digitized Archives and Possibilities for Historical Perspectives in the Professional Writing Classroom
Sarah Hallenbeck, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Considering the Rhetorical Aspects of Data: Local Writing, Local Research
Anthony T. Atkins, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

B.3 Shaping UX: Building a Knowledge Base for User Experience in Technical Communication

Room: Indiana G
Chair: Liza Potts, Michigan State University
Towards a UX-focused Research Agenda: Building Participatory Cultures in Academic Contexts
Guiseppe Getto, East Carolina University
From the Periphery to the Center: Technical Communicators as Experience Architects
Liza Potts, Michigan State University
Crossing the UX Interdisciplinary Divide: Why Technical Communication Is Vital in the Field of UX
Kathie Gossett, Iowa State University
UX and the Affordable Care Act Portal
Donna Kain, East Carolina University
Knowledge Into Praxis: What User Experience Can Learn from Technical Communication Research
Dave Jones, Principal User Experience Designer with The Nerdery, Minneapolis, MN

B.4 Studying Big Data Through Transdisciplinary Commitments: Examples from Human Health Research

Room: Indiana D
Chair: Courtney A. Griffin, DePaul University
How Does Inferential Statistics Warrant Difference? A Transdisciplinary Inquiry
Christa Teston, Ohio State University
A Data-Driven Approach to Genre Analysis: Statistical Typification and Argumentative Outcomes Modeling
S. Scott Graham, William Keith, Molly Kessler, Daniel Card, and Sang-Yeon Kim, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Instrument Development on Transdisciplinary Teams: Capturing Discourse
Ellen Barton, Wayne State University

B.5 Why Mentoring Matters: Identity, Inclusivity, and Collaboration in Technical Communication

Room: Indiana B
Chair: Stacey Pigg, University of Central Florida
Inventing Mentoring in the Workplace: Feminist Assemblages of Gender, Writing, and Professionalism
Elizabeth Keller, Michigan State University
Inclusivity, Advocacy, Collaboration: Building Mentoring Networks
Michelle F. Eble, East Carolina University
“Who’s Schoolin’ Who?” Mentorship as Critical Foundation in Professional Communication
Matthew Cox, East Carolina University

B.6 Data Narratives: Streams, Stories, Genres

Room: Indiana C
Chair: Daniel Richards, Old Dominion University
Historical Dimensions of Institutional Data Streams: Implications for Technical Communications
Stuart Selber, Pennsylvania State University
Data Collection as Storycrafting: Lessons from a Troubled Case of Urban Planning
Timothy Elliott and Kristen Moore, Texas Tech University
Use-of-Force Policy: Genre, Data, and Evolving Philosophies of Policing
Michael Knievel, University of Wyoming at Laramie
Composing Accident Reports in a Posthuman Age
Daniel Richards, Old Dominion University
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