Concurrent Session C 2:00-3:15 pm

C.1 Visual Thinking in Public Health: The Evolution of Statistical Graphics in the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries

Room: Indiana D
Chair: Rebecca E. Burnett, Georgia Institute of Technology
Epistemology: Early Statistical Graphics in Medicine and Public Health and the Move Toward Visual Thinking
Rebecca E. Burnett, Georgia Institute of Technology
Florence Nightingale’s Visualizing of Medical Data in Tables 
Lee Brasseur, Illinois State University
Depictions of Early Risk Assessment: Visual Thinking in Historic Smallpox Graphics
Candice A. Welhausen, University of Delaware

C.2 Using and Managing Screencast Data for Multiple Levels of Assessment

Room: Indiana A
Chair: Stuart Blythe, Michigan State University
What Screencast Data Suggests about Symbolic-Analytic Work and Interns
Stuart Blythe, Michigan State University
Visualizing and Analyzing Screencast Data
Madeleine Sorapure, University of California at Santa Barbara
Using Video Coding Software Across Languages: Themes, Tags, and Representations
Laura Gonzales, Michigan State University

C.3 Engaging Big Data through Application Programming Interfaces

Room: Indiana G
Chair: Suzanne Lane, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Data Friction: The Trouble with Sharing
Nathan Johnson, Purdue University
The Ethics and Limitations of API Fracking
Michael Trice, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Teaching a Course Dedicated to APIs
Karl Stolley, Illinois Institute of Technology

C.4 Cultural Data-Shaping: On Embodied Technical Communication, Identification, Visualization, and Risk

Room: Indiana B
Chair: Elizabeth L. Angeli, Towson University
Imagining Bodies in the Technical Writing Classroom
Kellie Sharp-Hoskins, New Mexico State University
Designing to be Thin: Infographics, Normalcy, and the Weight Loss Industrial Complex
Marie Moeller, University of Wisconsin at La Crosse
Efficiencies of Health and Risk: Data and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster
Erin A. Frost, East Carolina University
Respondent : Michelle F. Eble, East Carolina University

C.5 Big Data Policy and Ethics: What Technical Communicators Should Know about University Contracts, User Agreements, and Digital Information Control

Room: Indiana F
Chair: James Porter, Miami University
Information We Receive About You: National Policy and Data Sharing in Social Media
Heidi McKee, Miami University
Cloud Services: What Contract Has Your CIO Signed?
Ann Hill Duin, University of Minnesota
Ethics and Data Control: Intellectual Property Agreements and MOOCs
James E. Porter, Miami University

C.6 Transnational Technical Communication

Room: Indiana C
Chair: Geoffrey Cross, University of Louisville
Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) and Technical Communication in the So-Called Third World
Gerald Savage, Illinois State University
Visualizing Quality in Multilingual Component Content Management Networks
Tatiana Batova, Arizona State University
Screening Access through Data Collection: A Case Study of Refugee Resettlement Health Guidelines
Julie Gerdes, University of South Florida
How Technical Communication Textbooks Fail Users With Disabilities
Ella R. Browning, University of South Florida

C.7 Career Workshop

Room: Indiana Ballroom E
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