Letter from the Bulletin Editors

Lora Arduser, University of Cincinnati
Ryan Hoover, St. Edward's University
Fall 2011

In response to the recent ATTW membership survey, the ATTW Bulletin editors have been working on some changes you’ll be seeing in the coming months. We hope these changes will enhance the Bulletin’s ability to serve our current members and help attract new ones.

The first change is the addition of Ryan Hoover as Bulletin Co-Editor.

Ryan’s background in computing science and new media has been instrumental in our work to expand the reach of theBulletin. Rather than limiting the Bulletin to a single publication channel through the listserv, we will make sure that the content is accessible through a wide variety of channels as we branch into social media and rss syndication. The Bulletin itself will be integrated into the organization’s newly designed web site as the Bulletin Blog.

The Bulletin Blog will focus on conference information, calls for papers and other time-sensitive material on an on-going basis. Twice a year (September and March), we will continue to produce the digital compendium that you are used to receiving through the email listserv. This compendium will include both fresh material and some of the most popular blog content from the past six months.

We will also be posting content written by you – the organization member’s. Alongside messages from our President (Bill Hart-Davidson) and the various committees working within the organization, we’ll be giving other members opportunities to have their voices heard as part of our blog community. Soon you will be given the opportunity to author articles on pedagogical techniques, research methods and insights, and technical communication in the news. Pay attention for announcements to come through the listserv.

The Bulletin has been a staple of the ATTW community for a long time, and we’ll continue to work hard to maintain and enhance its prominence.

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