Peer Review Process

When you submit a manuscript, it will first be read by the editor and an editorial assistant. If the manuscript is deemed suitable for review, the editor will invite two reviewers who possess the appropriate expertise to offer anonymous evaluations of the manuscript’s quality and readiness for publication in TCQ. All reviews are carried out in a double-blind fashion. You can expect to receive notice of the editor’s publication decision within 3 months of submitting your manuscript. Most articles that appear in TCQ have undergone at least one round of revision, and it is not uncommon for manuscripts to undergo more than one round of revision. In most situations, the same two reviewers initially selected will remain with the manuscript throughout the revision process.

Color Reproduction

Color illustrations will be considered for publication; however, the author will be required to bear the full cost involved in color art reproduction. Color art can be purchased for online only reproduction or for print + online reproduction. Color reprints can only be ordered if print + online reproduction costs are paid. Rates for color art reproduction are as follows:

  • Online Only Reproduction: $225 for the first page of color; $100 per page for the next three pages of color. A maximum charge of $525 applies.
  • Print + Online Reproduction: $900 for the first page of color; $450 per page for the next three pages of color. Art not supplied at a minimum of 300 dpi will not be considered for print.

Proofs and Reprints

Page proofs are sent to the designated author using Taylor & Francis’s Central Article Tracking System (CATS). The corresponding author of each article will receive three complimentary copies of the issue in which the article appears. Reprints of individual articles are available for order at the time authors review page proofs. A discount on reprints is available to authors who order before print publication.

Copyright Permission

After a manuscript is accepted for publication in TCQ, it is the author's responsibility to obtain permission to reprint any previously copyrighted material that is reproduced in exact or derivative form in the author's manuscript (including figures, tables, and extensive text excerpts). Consult the Copyright Information section of the Taylor and Francis Web site for further information.

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