Ultrabooks: The Next Big Thing in Portable Tech?

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Ultrabooks: The Next Big Thing in Portable Tech?

Have you bought into the Ultrabook craze, are you content with your iPad, or still into your laptop? Regardless of your personal preference, there's money to be made in the burgeoning tech industry that's now producing hybrid tablets that also act as a laptop, at least according to one top analyst.

"The key for the Ultrabook category will be the Ultrabooks that are dual mode devices," says Sean Udall, independent trader and author of Minyanville's TechStrat Report. "So you have what looks like a Mac Book Air but then you can pop the top off and you can carry the screen around so you have your tablet when you want your tablet then you have your laptop when you want your laptop." Udall adds that these Ultrabooks will pack a memory punch the iPad and other tablets simply don't.

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