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Theresa Hunt
Elevated to ATTW Fellow, March 2006
(written by Elizabeth Tebeaux)

The Fellows Selection Committee of ATTW wishes to elevate Teresa Hunt to Fellow, Association of Teachers of Technical Writing.  She has shown a sustained commitment in her teaching, research, and service to technical communication and to ATTW. 

Teresa received a  Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Technical Communication from Michigan Tech in 1994.  She has taught a wide range of rhetoric, composition, and technical communication courses.  She has served as department head at Northern Michigan, Director of Composition, Director of Graduate Studies.  She developed curriculum for the 300, 400 and 500 level Technical Writing courses and arranged interviews/internships for Technical Communications students. Teresa has taught a wide range of courses in composition and technical communication.  She received the Northern Michigan University Distinguished Faculty Award in  2004.  She is currently serving as Interim Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.  In this position, she administers and coordinates Northern Michigan University’s Academic Quality Improvement-related activities, documents, and annual updates. 

She has been a member if ATTW since 1991 and served as a member of the Executive Committee as a member-at-large from 2001-2004.  She has been the fundraiser for ATTW since 2001 and has raised nearly $50,000 to support the annual ATTW meeting.  To be blunt, without this fundraising support, the annual ATTW meeting would not be possible.  She served as Chair, Committee on Technical and Scientific Communication 1999-2004 and continues as a committee member. 

From a research perspective, Teresa has focused on the history of technical communication: She co-edited with Michael Moran Three Keys to the Past: The History of Technical Communication.  Her book, Writing in a Milieu of Utility:  The Move to Technical Communication in American Engineering Programs, 1850-1950,  was reissued in 2000 as part of the ATTW Contemporary Studies in Technical Communication series.  Teresa received the 1999 Nell Ann Pickett Award for Outstanding Article in Technical Communication Quarterly - “Technical Communication from 1850-1960:  Where Have We Been as a Discipline?”

Teresa has also targeted professional issues in her research.  Her recently co-edited work with Gerry Savage,  Issues of Power, Statu,s and Legitimacy in Technical Communication, Volumes I and II , deals with the professional challenges faced by technical communication faculty.  She currently serves as co-historian of ATTW with Elizabeth Tebeaux.  The two are writing the history of ATTW. 

Other works by Professor Hunt  include a chapter on  “Preparing Students for Service Learning Contexts with Case Studies, Scenarios, and Workplace Writer Studies”  with Gerald Savage, included in  Resources in Technical Communication:  Outcomes and Approaches,” Cynthia Selfe, Editor and Scenarios for Technical Communication:  Critical Thinking and Writing  with Wendy Krieg Stone of Interim Technologies Inc.

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