Sherry Burgus Little

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Sherry Burgus Little
Elevated to ATTW Fellow, April 2000
(written by Jack Selzer)

Sherry Burgus Little served ATTW with grace, reliability, and accomplishment in her roles as Vice President and President from 1993 to 1998. Under her leadership, ATTW grew in its reach and prestige; she arranged for ATTW books to be published with Ablex, maintained and improved relationships with a host of related organizations, helped the organization to reach new constituencies, and managed the organization's continuing administration with attention and accomplishment. A longterm member of the ATTW board who has contributed to the Bibliography Committee and served as a regional and MLA liaison, she continues to encourage collegial exchange and professional achievement as a member of ATTW today.

But her service to the profession also extends far beyond ATTW. She has been a vital force in STC and CPTSC for many years and in many capacities. Her generosity and commitment to CCCC were expressed in 1992-93, when she served as Local Arrangements Chair for the annual conference. She has worked for NCTE, for the Association of Professional Writing Consultants, and for a number of organizations in her region and community. For three decades she has conducted seminars and workshops for one or another aspect of technical communication, advised publishers on curricular materials designed for high schools and colleges, and been an unwavering advocate for and advisor to women in the workplace.

She is professor of English and comparative literature at San Diego State University, where she has taught since 1983. A graduate of Arizona State University (where she received her doctorate in 1971), she developed and taught new courses in technical writing, advanced technical writing, and technical editing at SDSU; developed and directed an interdisciplinary technical and scientific writing certificate program; initiated a successful internship program; and created a student chapter of STC for that campus. She also teaches modern British literature and has worked with her colleagues on numerous committees and commissions. And she has also been a member of the faculty at Pepperdine University, Chico State University, Chapman College, and Fresno State University-and began her career as a high school teacher during the age of Sputnik.

Her scholarship has influenced our thinking in a great many ways. Her essays on the conduct and professional place of technical communication and on the education of technical communicators have appeared in WPA, the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Computers and Composition, IEEE Transactions in Professional Communication, the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, and a host of other journals and books. She regularly contributes to the Proceedings of CPTSC, and has coedited special issues of TCQ. She has served on editorial boards and reviewed articles for any number of journals. A coauthor of Technical Communication (Irwin), she will soon publish Rhetoric and Ethics in Technical Communication for Roxbury Press.

For these many accomplishments, and for many others that most of us will never know about, and in recognition of her humanity and professional generosity, we are pleased to elevate Sherry Burgus Little to the rank of ATTW Fellow.

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