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If you would like to share an interview or a vlog entry in which a technical communicator describes his or her professional life, you may want to know:

What kind of content is appropriate?

These videos should have the technical communicators describe elements related to their jobs. Common topics include

  • Various daily tasks and duties
  • Descriptions of common writing genres
  • Technologies and software used
  • Types of collaborations with co-workers

This archive is designed to embrace a broad or "big tent" definition of technical communication. This definition includes traditional fields such as software documentation and writing jobs; it also includes more specialized fields such as legal writing, scientific writing, journalism, advertising / public relations, and other "professional writing" careers.

Videos will be primarily used for educational purposes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Content should be appropriate for students of those skill levels.

What kind of content is not appropriate?

Technical communicators should not reveal any proprietary information about their workplace. It is the interviewee's responsibility to make sure that any content or details provided in the interview or vlog conform to their employer's rules for disclosure.

Content in the interviews and vlogs should serve to educate technical communication students. While technical communicators are encouraged to include their contact information with their video, posts that are overwhelmingly self-promotional are inappropriate.

ATTW reserves the right to take down any video it feels is inappropriate for the archive.

What format should the video's content be in?

You are free to follow any format or structure for the interview / vlog that you wish. However, if you are not sure of one, we recommend that videos match the style of interviews Savage and Sullivan used in Writing A Professional Life.

[description from Jim of structure]

Who will have access to the video?

Access to the videos will be limited to individuals with active accounts on the ATTW website. Note that accounts can be created by anyone, but membership is regularly screened for inappropriate accounts.

Videos will be hosted on the ATTW website. You can ask for it to be deleted at any time - contact Ryan Hoover.

What are the technical requirements for a video?

Accepted video formats are mov, mp4, mpg, mpeg, avi, wmv, or flv.

File size should not exceed 50mb. 

Minimum resolution needs to be at least 480x320. Preferred resolution is 1024x768 or higher.

ATTW will transcode the video into streamable formats appropriate for a wide range of browsers and devices.

How do I upload a video?

Once you have a video recorded, make sure that you have a signed permissions form from the technical communicator.

Contact Ryan Hoover for details on how to upload the video. Be sure to include the signed pdf with your email.

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