TCQ Special Issues

TCQ is seeking proposals for special issues of the journal. For more information, contact Special Issue Coordinators Ken Baake and Ryan Hoover.

Special Issue Guidelines

For detailed information on what is involved in editing a special issue of TCQ, please refer to the 
TCQ Special Issue Guidelines.

Before you will be accepted as a guest editor for a special issue, you'll need to submit a proposal. The details are in the TCQ Preparing a Proposal Guidelines

However, Ken and Ryan ask that you email them before submitting a formal proposal. That will give you the chance to discuss the idea with them beforehand for any fine-tuning that may be needed.

Upcoming special issues

Past special issues

  • New Developments in Inter-Transcultural Communication, ed. by Huiling Ding and Gerald Savage. Vol 22, Number 1 (Winter 2013)
  • Assessing Multimedia, ed. by Lee Odell and Susan Katz. Vol 21, Number 1 (Winter 2012).
  • Making the Implicit Explicit in Assessing Multimodal Composition: Continuing the Conversation. by Susan M. Katz & Lee Odell. Volume 21, Number 1 (Winter 2012).
  • Technical Communication and the Law, ed. by Jessica Reyman and Mary Lay Schuster. Volume 20, Number 1 (Winter 2011).
  • Positioning Programs in Professional and Technical Communication, ed. by Sam Dragga. Volume 19, Number 3 (Summer 2010).
  • Posthuman Rhetorics and Technical Communication, ed. by Andrew Mara and Byron Hawk. Volume 19, Number 1 (Winter 2010).
  • New Technological Spaces, ed. by Jason Swarts and Loel Kim. Volume 18, Number 3 (Summer 2009)
  • Science and Public Policy, ed. by Keith Gibson. Volume 18, Number 1 (Winter 2009).
  • Online Health Communication, ed. by Amy Koerber and Brian Still. Volume 17, Number 3 (Summer 2008).
  • Content Management Systems, ed. by Baotong Gu and George Pullman. Volume 17, Number 1 (Winter 2008).
  • Technical Communication in the Age of Distributed Work, ed. by Clay Spinuzzi.  Volume 16, Number 3 (Summer 2007).
  • Online Teaching and Learning: Preparation, Development, and Organizational Communication, ed. by Beth L. Hewett and Christa Ehmann Powers.  Volume 16, Number 1 (Winter 2007).
  • Communication in Technology Transfer and Diffusion, ed. by Nancy W. Coppola.  Volume 15, Number 3 (Summer 2006).
  • Cultural Studies and Technical Communication, ed. by J. Blake Scott and Bernadette Longo.  Volume 15, Number 1 (Winter 2006).
  • The State of Rhetoric of Science and Technology, ed. by Alan G. Gross and Laura J. Gurak.  Volume 14, Number 3 (Summer 2005).
  • Visual Thinking, Online Documentation, and Hypertext, ed. by Craig Baehr and John Logie, Volume 14, Number 1 (Winter 2005).
  • Civic Engagement, ed. by Harrison Carpenter and James M. Dubinsky. Volume 13, Number 3 (Summer 2004).
  • The State of Technical Communication in its Academic Context, ed. by Carolyn Rude. Volume 13, Numbers 1 and 2 (Winter and Spring 2004).
  • Science and Nature Writing, ed. by Richard Johnson-Sheehan and Kristi Stewart. Volume 12, Numbers 3 and 4 (Summer and Fall 2003).
  • Assessment in Technical Communication, ed. by Margaret Hundleby, Jo Allen, and Marj Rush Hovde.  Volume 12, Number 1 (Winter 2003).
  • Computer Classrooms and Technical Communication Pedagogy, ed. by Michael J. Albers and Kelli Cargile Cook.  Volume 11, Number 3 (Summer 2002).
  • Techne and Technical Communication, edited by Tracy Bridgeford and Michael Moore.  Volume 11, Number 2 (Spring 2002).
  • Ethics in Technical Communication, edited by Sam Dragga.  Volume 10, Number 3 (Summer 2001).
  • Blending School and Work in Technical Communication: Critical Perspectives, edited by Craig Hansen and Carole Yee.  Volume 10, Number 2 (Spring 2001).
  • Medical Rhetoric, edited by Barbara Heifferon and Stuart Brown.  Volume 9, Number 3 (Summer 2000).
  • The Discourse of Public Policy, edited by Carolyn D. Rude.  Volume 9, Number 1 (Winter 2000). Winner of the NCTE Award for Best Collection of Essays in Technical or Scientific Communication.
  • Redefining the Technical Communication Service Course, edited by Dan Riordan.  Volume 8, Number 3 (Summer 1999). Winner of the NCTE Award for Best Collection of Essays in Technical or Scientific Communication.
  • Technical Communication, Distance Learning, and the World Wide Web, edited by Robert M. Brown and David A. McMurrey.  Volume 8, Number 1 (Winter 1999).
  • International Communication in the Scientific and Technical Professions, edited by Deborah Andrews. Volume 7, Number 3 (Summer 1998).
  • Research Methodology in Technical Communication, edited by Patricia Goubil-Gambrell.  Volume 7, Number 1 (Winter 1998). 
  • Historical Contributions by Women to Technical Communication, edited by Teresa Kynell.  Volume 6, Number 3 (Summer 1997). 
  • Environmental Rhetoric, edited by Bill Karis and M. Jimmie Killingsworth. Volume 6, Number 1 (Winter 1997). 
  • Visual Rhetoric, edited by Deborah Bosley and Greg Wickliff.  Volume 5, Number 1 (Winter 1996).
  • Hypertext and Hypermedia, edited by Ann Martin Scott.  Volume 4, Number 1 (Winter 1995).
  • Gender and Technical Communication, edited by Amanda Goldrick-Jones and Linda LaDuc.  Volume 3, Number 3 (Summer 1994). 
  • Rhetoric of Science, edited by Alan Gross.  Volume 3, Number 1 (Winter 1994). 
  • Teaching Technical Communication, edited by Cezar Ornatowski and Katherine Staples.  Volume 2, Number 3 (Summer 1993). 
  • Collaboration, edited by Ann Hill Duin and Rebecca Burnett.  Volume 2, Number 1 (Winter 1993).



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